Great people build great companies.

We build technology to help build your people.


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Learn the one important skill college didn't teach you.


Become the person people love to work with

while delivering extraordinary results.


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Trainings and Workshops are a great first step.

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our learning



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the forgetting curve

Why Winspire works?

Working with people better is a skill you can acquire.

Not by reading theory, but through

real life actions.

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 Isn't that how we learnt to swim, read, write, dance and drive? 

 Taking action creates new neural pathways in your brain faster.

Grow your leaders, create invincible teams

Don't just learn it, Make it your second nature

Our online, action-based experiential learning system, helps you master the art of leading people using the most natural way humans learn - through repeated action.



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The journey



Who do we serve?

We specialize in building great managers and teams for the Technology industry

Leaders and Managers

Leaders promoted from being a technician to managing people.

People Managers play a pivotal role in driving results and inspire high performance from their teams. Yet, 70% of them struggle during this critical phase of their career, for no fault of their own. Every team member loves to work for a great boss, We create awesome, stunning bosses, for real!

Aspiring Leaders

Technicians aspiring to become Managers in the future.  

Most people ‘struggle’ to get promoted. It doesn’t happen by cajoling your boss or by gaining more experience or by simply waiting. External growth happens after one has internally grown to be ready for the next role. We help you grow internally first, and be the best prepared for the next role.

Leaders & Coaches

Successful leaders or Coaches who are willing to contribute as a mentor.

Successful leaders are often inspired by someone who pushed them to do more. What’s more inspiring than to give that inspiration back to someone else who needs it? We invite you to be mentors, give back to the community in the most impactful way possible, by creating better future leaders.

What our Early Adopters are Saying…

I’ve always wanted to grow in my career and get better with how I run my team. I’ve invested in many books, they were all useful, but I could not really change my real behavior and mindset. When I was asked to test the beta product, I was blown away by the impact it can create in my life! A fantastic solution that’ll fit for someone like me who likes to do it in small increments!

This is a breakthrough for me… Rosy Williams, Office Manager - Non-profit

One of my good friends asked me if I am interested in being part of a focus group to test a product under development. I spoke to the team and I still remember the analogy that took it home for me. If you want to be a swimmer, you can’t learn reading a book or watching a video – that’s just the first step. To become an expert, you got to jump into the pool. Winspire helped me jump into the pool and practice my leadership daily. I look forward to my 10 minutes everyday.

Thanks for giving my dream back! Alana, Customer Service Manager, Auto Insurance

Thanks to Maria for getting me involved with Winspire. I was struggling to find my rhythm with my team as a new manager, I and my team went through a lot of doubts about what is right until Winspire helped me realize, I was part of the problem! It helped me change the way I looked at the team and at myself. I am very relaxed at work and team is relaxed too, while achieving much better results than what we used to.

I can Lead! Barry Smith, Manager - Information Technology

This is someone’s dream too, it’s still in the making.

Interested to know when we go live?