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We have perfected the formula of best online learning experience, through blending the elements of community, personal coaching, gamification, analytics and interactive audio/video mini lessons. Get yourself and your team through our curated courses and gain an unfair advantage.

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Why choose us?

There is no shortage of great learning platforms out there, but what we see ourselves as the missing piece from the equation.

There two sides of the extremes when it comes to platforms that assist in delivering engaging learning experience :

One side focus too much on the technical aspect of learning which completely evades the human needs in question.

The other side is too focused on making profits with no care for actual end results.


We aren't in either of the extremes, we at Winspire believe in harnessing the potential of technological advancements along with individual needs of what makes us humans.

Quote of the day

"In God we Trust, all others bring data"

William Edwards Deming

Our focus

We aim to equip people with soft skills through a mixed learning environment. As in spite of qualified technical skills, Employees often under perform due to underdeveloped soft skills.

46% of highly skilled technology employees under perform because of lack of team work and work ethic

Leadership IQ study

71% of IT projects fail not because of technology issues but because of lack of collaboration and people issues

West Monroe Partners Study

$1.3M Average money lost per 100 employees per year due to lack of soft skills at workplace


How we do it

The power of community

It's no surprise that we humans are known as social animals, and very rightly so because that's how learn best too. Therefore, we contextualize your learning experience in accordance to what you do, whom you resonate with and the people who are in the similar shoes as yourself. With that power of community, you are not sailing alone in this journey as you meet and engage with others to keep on track.

We cater to your needs

Unlike other platforms, we aren't just a platform but much more. We want you to be the best version of yourself. So, we assess your needs and in return we give a pathway which is tailored to suit your learning preferences.

Not so serious

We believe in the philosophy that a stress-free mind can achieve many times more than a mind which is overworked and stressed. That's why we have ingrained that essence into the platform itself which promotes healthy competition using gamification elements. You will be pushed to achieve daily victories and will be able to see how you are progressing in relation to others through the leaderboard.

Actions speaks louder than words

Science has proven again and again, that knowledge itself is not very useful unless it's acted upon. We take pride in telling you this, that at Winspire our core ingredient is the results we get you, by dividing learning into small actions helping you to formulate a daily habit using the principle of Kaizen.

Know your strenghts

What better way to see your progress than seeing it in real time as you take lessons, implement steps, gain points and get ahead of your peers.

What our clients say about us

We are a finance company and we look for solutions that offer something substantive in a scalable way, which Winspire has come to represent for us.

Jane Doe - VP Global Talent, Leadership and Engagement

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