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What is our mission?

We want to create an environment where our peers can grow. We understand you, because we’ve been in your place.

You are among the few early adopters of growth outside the meeting room. You are the one who raises your hand first and takes responsibility. You are the one who will confidently take a hit, for those who need support.

That is our mission. To create a safe and productive environment for you who want to grow, inspire and get inspired.

An environment where you can learn how to go past your insecurities, how to better manage people and situations, how to inspire that low-performing co-worker, but also that bored high-achiever.

An environment where you can become the best version of you!

Quote of the day

"Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together."

James Cash Penney of JCPenney

How does our mission benefit you?

Connects you to an entire relevant network

Give and get advice from people that are in the same field as you. Facing an unprecedented situation? Discuss it with the greatest minds in the industry and find the best solution

Teaches you through real life actions

Don’t know how to talk about your salary raise? See what Radu did, for example, as he was in the same situation and he shares what he did step by step to get a 25% raise !

Learn at your own pace and on the long term

Build skills on the long term by taking pre-vetted courses from highly reputable influencers and experts.

Our courses are built with modern good practices of learning in mind and are filled with actionable bite-sized lessons that empowers you to scaffold all the information and integrate it in your life.

What our clients say about us

We are a finance company and we look for solutions that offer something substantive in a scalable way, which Winspire has come to represent for us.

Jane Doe - VP Global Talent, Leadership and Engagement

Do you align with our mission?

I actually do! I want to become an instructor and contribute to your mission, my skills are valuable enough to help other professionals.

I want to help others

I surely do! I’m a professional and I want to improve my leadership skills and inspire my team to do better and more meaningful work

I want to be a better leader

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