Our Core belief

At Winspire we believe in taking small steps towards huge changes, and that’s what is in our DNA. We are driven by a simple notion; that great leaders and great people are the ultimate differentiator for any business.

We gave birth to a platform which follows that very principle in helping companies build great leaders and even greater teams.

Our Vision

Building a better world with one action at a time

Our Mission

Helping ordinary people do extra ordinary things

Our Culture

At Winspire, we don’t follow the herd instead we carve our path for others to follow. We value people over company, and that reflects in everything that we do and stand for.

Our Values

What defines us is the amalgamation of hope, trust, ambition, cooperation and collaboration.

Our origin story

Yes, we didn’t just came about without any purpose. Founded by Vinodh Jeyaraj who comes from a very humble beginning. He migrated from India to US, in his early age and pursued the American dream, carving his way to becoming corporate executive for a large IT services company, managing their multi million dollar business in South Florida.

He had this curiosity in realizing that there was a big divide amongst people who on paper may be similarly skilled but have day and night difference in terms of success. As so many smart people were living out an average life and on the contrast, people who were successful were not much different than those who were not, in their technical skills.

So what really was one thing which made someone successful whilst others are left behind. To much surprise it isn’t the technical skills but the soft skills which created this imbalance of success.

This was the problem which became the seed idea of Winspire.

What separates us

Good leadership and good teams don’t get created overnight or through a two-day training workshop. Yet, many companies continue to use this archaic, ineffective model to effect change.

At Winspire, we believe in the power of tiny gains. If we did something 1% better than what we did yesterday, in 1 year we would be 37 times better.

That’s the exact philosophy we apply to creating transformation in people.

Small actions powered by a community in a gamified environment has shown that Winspire is 8 times more effective than traditional learning at a fraction of the cost.

What we do?

We are a technology platform to help companies build great leaders and teams. We utilize community engagement, game mechanics and personal coaching to enhance online learning experience.

Inspiration behind our name


Sometimes very ordinary people end up doing extra ordinary things. We want to create that transformational wins by inspiring people. So our name reflects these two threads of winning and inspiring in it.

Meet our team!

The brains and hands behind Winspire

Vinodh Jeyaraj

Founder & CEO

Radu Sabo

Product designer

Muhammad Ahsan

Marketing and Growth Strategist

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